Teaching is an avocation for me. I worked as a teacher, instructional designer, facilitator and executive coach for 12 years before coming to graduate school. I have continued my work as a teacher while at Sloan, serving as a teaching assistant in ten eMBA and MBA courses on leadership-related topics and personally teaching six courses. Four of these latter course sessions were a popular MBA and Sloan Fellows course on leadership. The other two were “The Business of Robotics,” a course that I independently designed and administered.



2014, 2015: The Business of Robotics. MIT Sloan. Designed, administered and taught this intensive workshop for graduate and undergraduate students from across MIT. Sample panelists: Pete Wurman, CTO, Kiva systems, Charlie Grinnell, COO, Harvest Automation, Elaine Chen, VP Engineering, Rethink Robotics.

2011-2014: Distributed Leadership. MIT Sloan. Co-taught this highly-rated workshop-style MBA and Sloan Fellows course with Profs. Orlikowski, Malone and Ancona, redesigning a portion of the curriculum.

Teaching assistantships:

2015: Leading Complex Organizations, Prof. Nelson Repenning, Faculty Director, eMBA program. Capstone course in the eMBA program, involving intensive service projects with local non-profits.

2014, 2015: Leading Organizations, Hal Gregersen, Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center. TA once in 2014 (eMBA), twice in 2015 (Sloan Fellows and eMBA). Assisted in course design.

2014: Organizations Lab, Prof. Nelson Repenning. Action-learning eMBA core course focused on improving a process in participants’ organizations. Assisted in course design.

2014: Power, Influence and Negotiation, Prof. Jared Curhan. eMBA core course. Simulation and assessment-driven course. 2013: Leading in Uncertain Times, Profs. Ancona and Van Maanen. eMBA elective. Highly interactive, workshop-style course.

2013: Leadership Signature, Prof. Ancona. Sloan Fellows elective. Introspective, values and identityfocused, workshop-style course.

2013: Advanced Communication for Executives, Hartman. eMBA elective.

2011: Communications for Leaders, Prof. JoAnne Yates. Core eMBA course.