Scholarly publications:

Beane, M. and W. Orlikowski. 2015. What Difference Does a Robot Make? The Material Enactment of Distributed Coordination. Organization Science.

Bettinelli, M., Y. Lei, M. Beane, C. Mackey, T. N. Liesching. 2015. Does Robotic Telerounding Enhance Nurse–Physician Collaboration Satisfaction About Care Decisions? Telemedicine and eHealth.

Dissertation-related papers:

Coping With Neglected Technology: Coordination Tension and Compensatory Work in Robotic Surgery (in preparation for submission)

Shadow Learning: Building Robotic Surgical Skill When Approved Means Fail (submitted for publication)

Popular/practical publications (recent samples):

The US Can’t Beat China’s Robots – But it Can Win By Building the Machines that Make Them (, 2017)

Robots Add Real Value When Working With Humans, Not Replacing Them (TechCrunch, 2016)

Beyond Safety: Is Robotic Surgery Sustainable? (Robohub, 2015)

Robo-Sabotage is Surprisingly Common (MIT Tech Review, 2015)