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“The absence of competition is the surest path to victory.” (me, apparently? I know this isn’t a new idea, and regardless this is most definitely the story of my life)

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Information Technology Doctoral Program at MIT’s Sloan School of Management

I left my career in consulting in 2010 to study at MIT because I believed I would live to see changes in technology and the world of work that would make a mockery of what had come before. Before I finished, IBM’s Watson had beat the best human Jeopardy player alive, Google’s car had driven itself more than 400,000 miles on California roads, and several remote-controlled humanoid robots took less than an hour to enter a car, drive it through an obstacle course, exit the car, open a door, enter a building, turn off a valve, cut a hole in a wall with a nearby power tool, unplug a cord and plug it into another socket, transverse a pile of rubble and climb a set of stairs to an exit.

I am now a faculty member in UCSB’s Technology Management Program, and I study work involving intelligent machines. I specifically focus on robotics.